Hiring a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer is Necessary

iStock_000016224740SmallBeing arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas is frightening and confusing. Nonetheless, it’s important not to panic and to call a DUI lawyer in Las Vegas at the earliest opportunity.

Maybe you were drinking, and maybe you think the cops have you dead to rights. It feels like a no-win situation. You may wonder whether or not it’s even worth hiring an attorney.

The reality is that DUI cases in Nevada are always complex. As soon as you consult with an experienced DUI lawyer in Las Vegas, you’ll begin to see that there is more to your case than you might think.

For instance, did you know that certain medical conditions can significantly impact the results of your DUI breath test? A common condition like heartburn or acid reflux can make your blood alcohol content look much higher than it is. Even gingivitis and cavities can make the test results look like you’ve consumed more alcohol than you actually have.

Your DUI lawyer in Las Vegas will cover all of the bases with you, making sure that you get all appropriate medical and dental screenings. Moreover, your Nevada DUI attorney knows the NRS 484C.110 code completely, and can help you build a solid defense.