Henderson’s Proposed Massage Parlor Moratorium

Prostitution text on sound block & gavelThe city of Henderson is considering a moratorium that would prevent new massage parlors from opening for a four month period. Currently, the city has 83 licensed massage parlors. While the majority of these operate within the limits of the law, there are some that officials suspect of dealing in prostitution and sex trafficking.

Police have been dealing with the problem by handing out misdemeanor citations to individuals, but the businesses themselves remain open and operational. Typically, this happens because the owner simply opens the business under a new license. If the ban goes into effect, this process will be disrupted and several amendments may be made that are aimed at putting certain massage parlors out of business.

People who are suspected of sex trafficking are charged under NRS 201.300. Essentially, sex trafficking is defined as forcing an individual to engage in prostitution. There are separate penalties depending upon the age of the individual. For instance, the consequences may be more severe if the individual is younger than 13.

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