Harsh Penalties for Selling Controlled Substances

In Nevada, one of the most frequently charged crimes is the sale of drugs. It is defined under NRS 453.321, and it carries harsh penalties. Someone convicted under this law may be sentenced to several years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Considering these consequences, and how extensively they can disrupt someone’s life, it’s always best to proceed with an experienced Nevada drug crimes attorney.

State law makes it a crime to sell drugs or even to offer them for sale. The law is applied to illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin and to prescription drugs like opioid painkillers. Arrests are usually made in these cases after a police officer observes two people involved in a transaction where drugs and money are exchanged or when an undercover officer arranges to purchase drugs from a seller. Many people don’t realize that NRS 453.321 additionally prohibits trading or giving away drugs. Accordingly, even if the defendant does not receive money in exchange for the drugs, they still may be charged with a crime.

An experienced Las Vegas criminal attorney may take several approaches to defending their client. Sometimes, it is possible to cite a lack of evidence. If an undercover officer was involved in the alleged transaction, then the lawyer may argue entrapment. Regardless, a qualified attorney will look at every aspect of the case to determine where the prosecution is unlikely to be able to make a successful argument, and then capitalize on that vulnerability.

The penalties for selling drugs in Nevada vary depending upon a number of factors such as the type of drug being sold and whether or not the defendant has any prior arrests or convictions for drug offenses. Regardless of being a first-time offender or someone who already has a record, it is imperative that the defendant work with a qualified Nevada drug crimes attorney.