Gun Laws in Las Vegas

Overview of Las Vegas Gun Laws

There is a statewide preemption law in Nevada that prevents cities and counties from instituting gun laws that are more restrictive than those passed by the state legislature. Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have some laws that existed prior to this restriction. These jurisdictions were allowed to keep their statutes. If you want to carry a handgun within the limits of Las Vegas, you must comply with these ordinances as well as the state gun laws. One example is that Clark County requires handguns to be registered, but the others counties do not.

A 72-hour waiting period and a background check are required before the purchase of your initial handgun. After you successfully fulfill these requirements, you can obtain the firearm. You must take the weapon to the Las Vegas police and register it. The light blue registration card must remain with the handgun at all times. Once you receive a blue card, the waiting period is waived for subsequent purchases.

While Nevada has a tolerant policy towards carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), it does not recognize CCW permits from other states. You must obtain a non-resident CCW permit for your time in Nevada. You are required to obey posted signs prohibiting you from CCW in certain buildings.

If you inadvertently violate a gun law, contact our office immediately. Gun charges are taken very seriously. You need the assistance of an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.