Gun Laws and Rights in Las Vegas

Tough cowboy aiming two guns on white backgroundThe second Amendment states very clearly in the Constitution of the United States that a citizen has the right to own a firearm for protection. There is much controversy in the news because of recent cases where officers have shot teens, and the issue of the possession of firearms becomes significant. In spite of this disagreement between U.S. citizens and established laws, in Nevada and across the country, it is lawful for a private individual to own a firearm.

The misuse of firearms is a serious offense in Nevada and Las Vegas. A permit is not required to purchase, possess or own a firearm in Nevada, but the individual must have a special permit in order to carry a concealed weapon.

NRS 202.280 states that is against the law to fire a gun in any public place including theatres, hotels, stores or on streets, and there have been recent cases where this has occurred with extremely deadly results. Prison time is with no injuries of deaths is typically 1-6 years involving cases of firing at a building or vehicle or firing from a building or vehicle. If a gun is fired on a public street and no one was injured or killed, firing a gun in a public place could be reduced to a misdemeanor. This is why it is important to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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