Getting DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving in Nevada

When a Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer is working on a client’s case, they have several possible outcomes in mind. One relates to having DUI charges reduced to reckless driving. Pleading guilty to these lesser charges still has penalties, but also it has several benefits.

Reckless driving in Nevada is defined under NRS 484B.653. Reducing DUI charges to this lesser crime is not an easy task, but it is one that an experienced DUI lawyer in Las Vegas is accustomed to taking on. It may be possible for the defense attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain this outcome for a client. This is especially true in cases where there may be some irregularity or doubt.

For instance, the attorney may be able to cast doubt on the legality of the traffic stop or on the methods through which the field sobriety tests were administered. Defense attorneys similarly may question whether or not breath or blood testing equipment was operating correctly or investigate prescription medications taken by the defendant that could have interfered with the test results.

If the attorney can get the charges reduced to reckless driving, then their client would benefit from a lesser criminal record. This means that if they are arrested and tried for suspicion of DUI again, they will not be subject to the higher penalties that are imposed on subsequent DUI charges. The driver’s record may be sealed sooner than it would be with a DUI, and the court likely will not suspend the driver’s license.

No DUI case is completely hopeless. Contact Potter Criminal Defense to learn more about how a plea bargain to the lesser crime of reckless driving may be of benefit to your situation.

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