Getting Charges Reduced in DUI Causing Injury or Death Cases

Drunk driving is never a good idea. The outcomes are always negative, and they are occasionally tragic. This is why Nevada has a law like NRS 484C.430. It defines a DUI causing injury or death and the penalties that are possible when someone is convicted of this crime.

According to the law, NRS 484C.430 comes into effect when a driver who is under the influence “proximately causes the death of, or substantial bodily harm to, another person.” This is a heavy burden for the defendant to bear. Not only are they grief-stricken on behalf of the person they hurt or killed, but also they feel ashamed for being the cause of pain to their own family.

However, it’s possible for a Las Vegas DUI attorney like the practitioners at Potter Criminal Defense to protect the interests of their client. It may be that although the defendant was under the influence, they did not actually cause the accident that resulted in a death or injury to someone else. Perhaps the equipment used in the blood, breath or urine test was faulty or misused. If the attorney can cast doubt on the prosecution’s case, then there may be an opportunity to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Penalties for being found guilty under NRS 484C.430 may include up to 20 years in prison and fines of as much as $5,000. With a plea bargain, it may be possible to plea to lesser charges such as reckless driving, vehicular manslaughter or a misdemeanor DUI.

If you have been charged under NRS 484C.430, then you need to contact Potter Criminal Defense to get a defensive strategy moving. With their assistance, you may be able to have your charges reduced.

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