Gang Member Pleads Guilty

Local Gang Member Pleads Guilty, Faces Prison Sentence

One member of a local gang is no longer a threat to Vegas residents. Reginald Dunlap pled guilty on December 7, 2012 to charges of conspiracy to engage in racketeering involving the murder of Billy Thomas. He also pled guilty to possession of cocaine.

Dunlap is a member of the Playboy Bloods, an affiliate of the much-large Bloods street gang. A select number of these gang members also belong to a group known as Full Throttle Clique, and are among some of the more dangerous Playboy Bloods members. Full Throttle Clique members often commit especially violent acts including murder. Dunlap was said to be a member of this group as well.

Murder victim Billy Thomas was killed in an apparent retaliation for the death of a Playboy Bloods /Full Throttle Clique member. On Halloween night in 2004, gang member Quazi Burns was murdered. Full Throttle Clique members claim they had reason to believe that associates of the Crips street gang caused his death. They planned a retaliation, and when gang members noticed Thomas working on his car at an apartment complex, they mistook him for a Crips member and opened fire.

To date, 10 members of the Playboy Bloods have been charged with racketeering due to their involvement in this gang. Dunlap’s’ sentencing is set to take place in April 2013, and he could receive as much as 20 years in a federal penitentiary.