Gang Affiliations Can Bring Harsher Penalties

Gang members in a dark alleyGang violence is a real part of everyday life in Las Vegas. Recently one woman was shot after fighting in the street with another woman on Fireside Lane. A car sped by the scene, and the driver opened fire as he went past. One of the women was wounded while the other escaped into the car with her accomplice. The two were soon apprehended. The woman who was shot received non-life threatening injuries and was treated at University Medical Center.

The Gang Crime Unit is still investigating the shooting. Any time that a crime can be linked to gang activity it’s usually very bad news for the defendant. Penalties become harsher when the police and prosecutors believe they can tie it back to gang involvement. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of a Las Vegas criminal defense law firm as soon as possible.

The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have represented dozens of people who were accused of violent crimes. In many of these instances the police and prosecutors were trying to connect these crimes with gangs. However, it is sometimes possible to avoid these more serious charges with the assistance of an experienced Nevada criminal defense attorney.

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