Fraud Lawyer in Las Vegas

embezzlementFraud Charges in Nevada are Multi-Faceted and Complex 

Chapter 205 of the Nevada Revised Statute deals with crimes against property, to include fraud. Fraud can involve everything from providing false statements to more elaborate schemes that are designed to defraud victims out of large sums of money. The punishment for fraud in Nevada will depend on the nature of the crime, number of victims, and amount of property or money in question.

Defendants face significant jail time and monetary fines for a fraud conviction. Offenses involving relatively small sums of money can be treated as misdemeanors, provided they are first offenses. Second and subsequent offenses tend to be treated more harshly, and may subject the accused to felony charges.

In order to prove fraud, the state of Nevada will have to show that the actor intended to deprive another of property or money. As such, attorneys are sometimes able to defend fraud charges by showing the client did not intend to commit fraud, or was unable to form the requisite intent due to mental illness or involuntary intoxication.

Those accused of fraud should err on the side of caution and speak with an attorney about their charges. Help is available in Las Vegas from the Potter Law Firm.