Fraternal Order of Police

An Inside Look at the Fraternal Order of Police 

The Fraternal Order of Police is a longstanding organization comprised of sworn law enforcement officers. Las Vegas is home to Lodge 1, which holds meetings on the first Saturday of every month at their location on Gragson Avenue.

This lodge is operated by a board of trustees and an executive board. Representatives of these two boards are elected by lodge members. The local lodge here in Vegas is a part of the Nevada state lodge, and trustees from this chapter represent members at special meetings that are held there on occasion. According to its website, the primary mission of the local FOP chapter is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States, Nevada, and its municipalities through the protection of life and property.”

The Fraternal Order of Police provides support to law enforcement officers by providing labor representation that includes legal defense. The group also lobbies Congress for changes in the law that would benefit people in this career field. Some of the bills this group is credited with supporting include the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2007, and the State and Local Law Enforcement Officer’s Discipline, Accountability and Due Process Act.

Active and retired police officers are eligible to join the Fraternal Order of Police. Upon being accepted, individuals will undergo an initiation ritual in which they will vow not to disclose information about the lodge to people who are not members. While the subjects of their meetings may be secret, the benefits they provide to officers are very well known not only here, but across the country as well.