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Dealing with All Kinds of Criminal Defense Issues

Criminal Defense: Las Vegas Attorney

There is a popular perception in Las Vegas concerning the practice of criminal defense law. The mistaken belief that a criminal defense attorney’s job is to defend criminals is all too common. Anyone accused of committing a crime is to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. The practice of upholding these rights is known as criminal defense law. If you are accused of a crime, you are entitled to legal representation. This ensures that you are granted all of the legal protections required by law.

Potter Law has many years of experience in representing clients accused of committing a crime:

• Hard evidence that can establish reasonable doubt according to the circumstances of your specific case.

• Offering invaluable legal counsel; you can make good decisions only when you know your rights.

• Regardless of the desired or actual legal outcome, your rights will be aggressively defended every step of the way.

Even during court proceedings, this pervasive tendency still exists when the defendant also assumes that being accused is the same as being guilty. In fact, prosecuting attorneys will sometimes draw upon these assumptions in order to influence their own position in the court. A defense attorney from the Potter Law firm is your first line of protection against these courtroom dynamics that, when unchecked, can lead to harsh penalties. Protecting all of your rights as a person who is innocent until proven guilty is a full-time job.

Even simple court cases can spiral out of control without legal representation. For the best legal defense in Las Vegas, call Potter Law for a free case evaluation.