Fighting Solicitation Charges in Las Vegas

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, and if you find yourself charged with a crime relating to this field, you can call on Cal Potter and Potter Law Offices for help. We believe that everyone deserves the right to a second chance, but we also believe that every person deserves the right to a good legal defense. We will look at all the factors before determining how to defend you against a solicitation charge.

Solicitation refers to the act of offering sexual favors in exchange for money, goods or services. This can include those who trade sexual favors for rent and those who sell their bodies on the street. We understand that you might find yourself in a tight spot and that a police officer might attempt to force you into an illegal exchange. That is why we will look over your file and arrest report before deciding what to do next.

We sometimes find that the court has no proof that a client did anything wrong, but we also deal with cases involving entrapment. This occurs when an officer attempts to force you to make a trade. We always look at all the facts carefully to ensure that you receive the best defense possible.

Here at Potter Law Offices, we know that a solicitation charge can ruin your reputation, leave you feeling stressed and upset and even disrupt your home life. If you find yourself facing a solicitation charge, contact us for a free appointment and get your life back.