Fighting a Restraining Order in Las Vegas

Fighting a Restraining Order

Restraining orders are court decrees designed to protect victims of abuse from possible further violence. Nevada law establishes three types of restraining orders. They are orders of protection, orders of protection from harassment in the workplace and the order of protection for minors. Each type is designed to provide protection from a particular form of violence or harassment. It’s possible for you to face serious charges because of a misunderstanding or false allegations. You must put up a strong, valid defense in an effort to convince the court not to grant the order against you.

The individual seeking the restraining order must appear before a judge. During this hearing, you will be allowed to tell the court what happened between you and the individual. You need to consult with an attorney familiar with these types of cases. An experienced attorney can assist you in gathering supporting documentation and preparing your testimony. The attorney can prepare the proper defense, especially if the restraining order is being used as a means to gain leverage during a divorce or child custody proceedings. A restraining order can affect your employment, severely limit your personal freedom and may prevent you from entering your home or seeing your children.

It’s important that you immediately contact an attorney to help protect your rights if you want to contest a restraining order.