Felony Hit and Run (484.E)

Blue sirens of police car during the roadblock in the cityIn a busy city like Las Vegas, there are many traffic accidents occurring at all times of the day and night. If you are involved in any kind of accident, with injuries or not, Nevada Law requires you to remain at the scene until the police arrive. If someone flees the scene, the police consider this a Hit and Run, and if a witness got your license or description of the vehicle, then a warrant is issued for an arrest.

Typically, Felony Hit and Run (484.E) does not stand by itself. There will be multiple charges and penalties added to the charge such as DUI, drug possession or manslaughter. It is always better to stop and exchange information.

If a hit and run has already occurred, it is best to call an experienced lawyer immediately because a Hit and Run is a complicated case. The Potter Law Firm is a team of experienced lawyers who are able to defend the victim and the driver because both sides have their story. Please call the Potter Law Offices in Las Vegas immediately for a free consultation to discuss the accident and your rights. Any arrest is traumatic, but you can leave your Felony Hit and Run in the hands of an expert attorney at Potter Law Firm.