Felony Charges

criminal4Potter Legal Defense:  Felony Charges in Las Vegas

Felony charges brought against you in Las Vegas can have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your life. A felony conviction can prevent you from entering the professions, finding work with adequate wages, and may subject you to long-term employment discrimination.The legal system can be intimidating to individuals who are facing felony counts, but you do not have to fight it alone. With the experienced and aggressive legal representation of a Potter Law attorney, you can engage the court proceedings with the confidence of knowing your rights.Cases can be both won and lost in court due to the credibility and presentation of the legal argument. During the consultation stage, you will be briefed on your role in this process while we determine the best defense strategy for your case. The felony charges you are facing are serious, and the prosecution uses sophisticated tools in order to indict you. These might include:

  • Supreme Court decisions on similar cases
  • DEA and FBI documents
  • Pre -“Booker” attitudes

In the 2005 “Booker” case, there was a shift of power in the sentencing process. In effect, the power of interpretation was extended to trial judges, which also has wide implications for the role of an attorney in federal cases. By invoking all of your rights, we can better leverage the court in your favor.

As professional litigators, your Potter legal defense team brings the fire-power of legal experience to mitigate the charges leveled against you. In the most favorable cases, we can get the charges dismissed. If we cannot get the charges dismissed, we can fight to get them dropped. If we cannot get them dropped, we can fight to get them reduced, etc.

We are experts in criminal defense law, and we never give up. That is the case for why you should choose Potter Law to represent you in Las Vegas court proceedings.