FBI in Las Vegas – What Do They Do?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a regional office located here in Las Vegas. This regional office is responsible for a 16-county area of Nevada, a few of which include Clark, Elko, Lander, Lincoln and Washoe. There are also three satellite offices located in the 16-county area, and these offices are found in Elko, Reno and South Lake Tahoe.

This agency is primarily responsible for investigating crimes that violate federal law. They have primary jurisdiction over crimes related to terrorism, counterintelligence, organized crime, cyber crime, public corruption and violations of civil rights. White-collar crimes such as mortgage fraud and money laundering are also tracked by this bureau.

In some cases, the FBI may be charged with investigating many of the same crimes as local law enforcement officers. For example, the FBI investigates numerous theft crimes including car and art theft. They are also charged with looking into violent crimes against children and Indian Country crime. The Office of Law Enforcement Coordination is responsible for ensuring that multiple agencies work together in an efficient manner when more than one group has jurisdiction over a criminal matter.

Most of the work performed by the Las Vegas division of the FBI is done behind the scenes. Individuals who are aware of a crime in this area should contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department first. If federal involvement is needed, officers here will contact the bureau directly.