Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Being convicted of a sex crime in Nevada has serious consequences. Depending upon the specific crime, the defendant may be facing several years in prison and steep fines. Even worse, many defendants have to register in Nevada as a sex offender.

The penalties for failing to register as a sex offender can include felony charges under NRS 179D.550. Many people who have been convicted of a sex crime in Nevada are at least tempted to not comply with the court order that requires them to register. Sex offender registration can prevent an individual from renting an apartment or getting a job they want. The sex offender register is public information, which means that neighbors, friends and potential employers may have ready access to the information.

Without a doubt, this can be an embarrassing situation, and it may adversely affect a person’s ability to lead the life they desire. Nonetheless, being accused under NRS 179D.550 is worse. It’s important to realize that in the eyes of the court, innocently neglecting to register is just as serious as willfully disobeying the order to register. Penalties under NRS 179D.550 include several years in prison and substantial fines.

Defenses are available if you are accused under NRS 179D.550. You’ll need experienced legal representation from a criminal defense firm like the Potter Law Offices. With their assistance, you’ll craft a defense that protects your rights.