Extortion Involves a Secret Pact and Change of Attorney

Extramarital affairs are not uncommon in Las Vegas or anywhere in the U.S., but Ernesto Ramos has been the highlight of the media recently. He made and used sex tapes of a wealthy married businessman and his girlfriend, and then tried to exhort the wealthy businessman out of $200,000.

Last November, Ramos pled guilty to the charges, and on June 30 he was sentenced to 366 days in prison. The price of extortion is not cheap, and some use the casino environment for illegal money-making.

Since then, Ramos has changed his mind about his guilty plea and hired two new defense attorneys, Kathleen Bliss and Jason Hicks, to rescind his guilty plea. In addition to this courtroom drama, it is rumored that the businessman offered to pay off Ramos to maintain his anonymity.

Attorneys Bliss and Hicks must have permission from the presiding judge, Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, to reenter the plea. The ability to change attorneys in a case where the defendant doesn’t feel that they are getting the excellent legal services they deserve is a prerogative, as long as proper procedures are followed.

Prosecutors have provided overwhelming evidence against Ramos and have gone before the judge to say that Ramos has no “reasonable basis” to withdraw the plea.

In the legal world, Ramos is a real estate agent and personal trainer. He is now free on his own recognizance and his new attorneys are working diligently. Ramos has been cooperating with authorities to prevent the victim’s identity from reaching the press. so was an agreement reached between the businessman and Ramos? Stay tuned to Potter’s Law Blog to see how justice is served.