Expungement Lawyer in Las Vegas

An Expungement can Give Nevada Residents New Hope 

There are times when relatively minor acts are the result of poor decision making or immaturity. In these cases, it seems unfair to punish people for their actions indefinitely, especially if they have learned from their mistake. An expungement is available for Nevada offenders who meet certain criteria so that an arrest won’t have to haunt them forever.Expungement refers to the clearing up of one’s record to make it seem as though an offense never happened. There are certain factors that must be taken into account such as:

• The type of offense that was committed
• Whether a sentence was successfully completed
• Amount of time that has elapsed since the offense
• Age of the perpetrator when the act took place

In order to get a record expunged, the individual must first petition the court for relief. He or she must also show the arrest meets all the requirements for expungement, to include any waiting periods spelled out in Section 179.245 of the Nevada Revised Statute.

After an expungement, individuals can legally answer “no” when asked whether they have been previously arrested. There is only one shot at wiping the slate clean, which is why an attorney should be consulted for assistance.