Expungement Attorneys in Las Vegas

A criminal record, even one that is several years old, can wreak havoc on your life. Many people can’t find employment or are denied access to rental properties and loans because of an early mistake. If you’d like to learn about sealing your criminal record in Nevada, then you need the assistance of expungement attorneys in Las Vegas.

Criminal records are considered public in Nevada. This means that it’s possible for anyone to search for your record with a government database. Only a court order can have these records removed from the databases, which means that anyone searching for such records will come up with a blank. After having your criminal record sealed, you may have increased your chance at job opportunities.¬† Also, you have better chances to qualify for a loan or rent an apartment. Just as importantly, you never have to disclose your criminal record to anyone ever again. Even if you are placed under oath in court, you can truthfully say that you do not have a criminal record. Some people have gotten their voting rights restored as well as the ability to serve on a jury or hold a public office.

Nevada laws NRS 179.245 and NRS 179.255 make it possible to have criminal records sealed. Note that this is different from having the record “expunged.” Other states allow people to expunge their criminal record, which is essentially the same as erasing it as if the conviction never happened. Nevada law merely allows sealing, which means that the record is still there, but is not viewable by the public. While expunging may be preferable, sealing is frequently sufficient for allowing people to move forward with a clean record.

Not all crimes are eligible for sealing in Nevada. Because the eligibility guidelines can be complicated, it’s best to meet with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to determine whether you can request to have your record sealed. For example, felony DUIs, sex crimes and crimes against children are typically never eligible for sealing. Most other misdemeanors and felonies may be eligible after a waiting period.

Speak with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to learn more about sealing your criminal record.