Our Experience



Gentile v. Hines
USDC Nev. Personal injury, auto accident. Family of five en route to vacation was struck by a commercial pickup truck that turned in front of them. Louis Gentile underwent spinal surgery. Total medical bills were $300,000.
$3 million recovery.


Herndon v. Parball Corp., dba Flamingo Hilton Hotel, et al.
USDC Nev. Premises liability. Mild traumatic brain injury. Claude Herndon’s stool fell over because of a concealed hole in the floor. He struck his head on a table. $2.9 million settlement.



Fidler, et al. v. San Mateo County Sheriff ‘s Office, et al.
USDC N.D. Calif. Sheriff’s Department negligence. Failure to diagnose. Angela Ramirez, who had a history of mental health problems, committed suicide while serving time for a minor drug charge. Jail personnel refused four times to provide a mental health practitioner. $475,000 settlement.


Rivera v. City of San Jose Police Dept.
Police misconduct, excessive force, civil rights case. Aaron Rivera was pushed through a door and struck repeatedly by police with their batons. Police tried to take him into custody based on mistaken identity. He underwent a craniotomy and fully recovered. $390,000 settlement on first day of trial.