Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Time and again, in movies and on television shows, you see characters being told they have the right to remain silent. The reality is this represents one of the most important rights you possess if you have been arrested for a crime in Las Vegas. You need to take your right to remain silent very seriously.

Do Not Answer Questions without a Lawyer

Odds are that you will be told you will make the whole process go easier for you if you cooperate with law enforcement officials. If you answer questions, you will end up with a more favorable resolution of your case.

Law enforcement officials, and crime investigators, time and again pressure people in the criminal justice system to answer questions and make statements before these individuals have a chance to retain legal counsel. oftentimes, police officers and others even cross the line of what legally is permissible in these situations.

The stark reality is that you do not do yourself any favors by responding to questions from law enforcement before you have an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney on your side. In fact, more often than not, a person who makes a statement or responds to questions without an attorney ends up making a detrimental statement against his or her interests.

The Police Cannot Guarantee a Better Deal

You also need to keep in mind that the police cannot guarantee you a better deal in regard to your case if you cooperate with them. The time may come during the course of a criminal prosecution that it is in your benefit to cooperate and negotiate a plea agreement. However, that is not a decision you should make on your own and without the advice and assistance of an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. Keep in mind that a Law Vegas criminal defense attorney will schedule an initial consultation with you about your case at no charge.