Even the Winners Get Unlucky Sometimes…

Former Vegas Drug Prosecutor now Doing hard Time

David Schubert may just find himself rubbing elbows with some of the folks he’s helped to put behind bars over the years. That’s because the former Las Vegas drug prosecutor was recently sentenced on drug charges himself. He was recently handed a term of between 12 and 30 months by a Nevada judge for possession of cocaine.

Schubert’s arrest on cocaine charges happened in March 2011. After posting bond, Schubert resigned from office. His law license was then suspended by the Nevada Supreme Court. The former prosecutor fled to Mexico in order to avoid being sentenced on drug charges in September 2011. He was arrested a short time later when he attempted to reenter the United States.

It seems that Schubert feels he should have preferential treatment over other drug offenders. His lawyer claims his client felt as though he shouldn’t have been dragged into court. Schubert himself made remarks as to his punishment being too harsh, although he was grateful that part of his sentence included mandatory substance abuse counseling.

David Schubert may have been living a double life, but his opportunity to hide behind a law license is now over. Although he has aspirations of practicing law once he is released, the judge who sentenced him stated he was a disgrace to the office of prosecutor.

Until his recent sentencing, David Schubert was best known for prosecuting a couple of celebrity cases in Las Vegas. He charged Paris Hilton with possession of cocaine in 2010 and Bruno Mars with possession of cocaine in 2011. Both of them accepted a plea agreement from this prosecutor.