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Elder Abuse in Nevada

Elder abuse is a devastating crime, but sometimes people are charged under NRS 200.5099 because of a misunderstanding or an unintentional accident. NRS 200.5099 covers a broad expanse of crimes that include the neglect, abuse, isolation or exploitation of citizens who are older than 59.

Usually these cases begin simply enough. Someone unfamiliar with the situation notices that an elderly person doesn’t seem to be in the best of health. They may have a bruise or health concern that seems out of the ordinary. In no time, law enforcement and social services agencies are wanting to talk to the elder’s caregiver. Sometimes this involves taking the caregiver into custody or attempting to force them to submit to questioning.

It’s easy for outsiders to misconstrue an elderly person’s circumstances. A bruise can be the result of a harmless accident or even of a medical treatment. A caregiver may be permitted access to the elder person’s finances without exploitation occurring. However, someone looking in from the outside may not be able to distinguish between what’s normal and what’s abuse.

If you’re being contacted by social service agencies or the police about a matter related to elder abuse, you are entitled to legal representation. Contact us to make certain your rights are protected.