DUI With a Commercial License – A Different Kind of Case

Commercial Drivers and DUIs

Being charged with a DUI is always serious, but it becomes an even greater concern for people who have a commercial driver’s license. As NRS 484C.120 states, a driver who has a BAC of greater than 0.04 and is operating a commercial vehicle may be charged with a crime.

The BAC of 0.04 is an important distinction. Ordinary drivers may be able to drive legally with that BAC. The law for the usual driver uses a BAC of 0.08, which is essentially double the limit for a commercial driver. Accordingly, anyone who operates a bus or semi-truck may find themselves being arrested when an operator of a passenger vehicle would not.

Being convicted under NRS 484C.120 is devastating for commercial drivers. There is a possibility that their license will be suspended, and that can mean that they lose their job. Fortunately, there are defenses to these charges. A Nevada criminal defense attorney can employ a number of strategies that may undermine the government’s case.

The sooner you get legal counsel the sooner you can begin fighting commercial driver license DUI charges. With the help of the DUI defense lawyers at the Potter Law Offices you may be able to keep your driver’s license. Contact Cal Potter and his team today.