DUI Las Vegas

Being charged with a DUI in Las Vegas can be a life-changing moment. What you do next will largely determine the consequences you’ll face and how much this incident is likely to change your life moving forward. Contact a Nevada DUI lawyer if you are facing charges anywhere in the state.

The number of people who choose not to hire a DUI attorney in Las Vegas is surprising. They may do so because they figure they can’t afford legal representation or because they think that if they failed a blood or urine test, they are simply guilty, and it’s an open and shut case. The reality is that DUI defense in Las Vegas is more affordable than most people imagine, particularly when you consider the drastic consequences that can result from a DUI conviction. What’s more, the police are human. They often make mistakes that deliver incorrect test results. You’re being unfair to yourself if you don’t hire an attorney to take a fresh look at your DUI arrest.

An experienced DUI defense lawyer in Las Vegas knows where to look for the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They can detect the mistakes the police made during their investigation or point out errors in how test results were obtained. It’s also possible that a medical condition made the BAC register higher than it should have been.

Your Las Vegas DUI attorney can represent you throughout the process, protecting your interests both in criminal court and during the administrative process at the DMV. In some situations, you may not even have to go to court because your attorney can appear on your behalf.

Extensive preparation is often the key to prevailing on DUI charges. Your attorney will conduct a thorough, independent investigation that looks for any errors or oversights on the part of the police and the prosecution. It’s also essential for the lawyer to obtain data regarding any machines, such as a Breathalyzer, that may have been used to collect evidence against you.

Speak with an experienced, aggressive Las Vegas DUI attorney today to find out more about how to protect yourself. It’s your best chance at preserving your freedom.