DUI in Las Vegas

Potter Law Firm: DUI Defense in Las Vegas

Each state creates its own laws for the offense of driving under the influence, which is otherwise known as a DUI. Some states consider the driver to be in violation of the law simply by having the key inside of the ignition. If you are visiting Las Vegas and have been charged with a DUI, you are probably unfamiliar with the details of the applicable Nevada legal code. The most effective way to ensure that your rights have not been violated during the arrest is to contact the Potter Law Firm.

The law contains specific provisions on how a person may be arrested for driving under the influence. Legal nuances that people may find confusing involve the open container laws, the zero-tolerance laws and the application of DUI laws to other motor vehicles such as ATVs or even bicycles. When you contact the Potter Law Firm, you will get accurate answers about the relevant DUI laws in Las Vegas.

Our experienced attorneys have an intricate understanding of the many nuances within the Nevada legal code.

We can assist you during every stage of your case in order to minimize the potential legal consequences of a DUI conviction. Our services include:

  • Free case evaluation
  • Expert legal advice
  • Skillful application of legal protections to DUI defendants

If you are facing a DUI in Las Vegas, it is better to contact the Potter Law Firm to review your case than it is to abdicate your rights and refuse an opportunity to fight the charges. A common reason that many convictions stick is that people who are charged with a DUI refuse to defend themselves properly in court. At Potter Law Firm, we believe in protecting the rights of individuals because it is in the best interest of the law to do so; if you were improperly arrested, for example, there is more at stake than a DUI conviction.

Working together, we can ensure that you have received every legal protection that is guaranteed under state and federal law. Contact us today for an initial evaluation of your case free of charge.