DUI Blood Test

blood-20745_640A driver who is pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Nevada may be aksed to take a blood test to determine the amount of alcohol they have in their system.

While blood tests are considered more accurate than breath tests, this doesn’t mean that blood test results cannot be called into question by a capable Las Vegas DUI attorney. The DUI defense lawyers at the Potter Law Offices understand how much is at stake when you are facing DUI charges.

A conviction is a frightening prospect, and the knowledge that the police conducted a blood test can make it seem like the authorities have you dead to rights. As experienced DUI attorneys, the practitioners at this firm know that there is no such thing as a foolproof test. This includes blood tests that are administered to determine a suspect’s blood alcohol content.

Nevada law states strict guidelines that the police and chemical testing organizations must adhere to. Your DUI defense attorney may be able to cast doubt that all of these regulations were followed to the letter. If so, then it may be possible to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. Contact the Las Vegas DUI attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to start crafting your defense.