DUI Attorneys in Las Vegas

Many people who are charged with a DUI in Las Vegas feel like there is no hope for their situation. With the police saying that a breath or field sobriety test was failed, it can seem like there’s no way out. However, it would be a grave mistake for anyone who was arrested for a DUI to not speak with an attorney. Call DUI attorneys in Las Vegas to learn more about how to defend yourself.

With an advanced knowledge of applicable laws and considerable experience relating to the science of detecting when drivers are under the influence, a dedicated Las Vegas DUI lawyer is your most important ally. With their comprehensive familiarity with NRS Chapter 484C, you can rest assured that your attorney will do everything possible to get the charges against you reduced or dropped.

Nevada’s DUI laws cover both drinking and driving and driving while drugged. Both are referred to as “DUI,” or “driving under the influence.” The court may convict you of this offense if you had “actual physical control” of a vehicle operating on a road or highway. Nevada’s “per se” DUI laws state that if your blood alcohol content tests at 0.08 or higher, then you are too impaired to drive, even if you show no obvious signs of impairment. However, even someone who tests at less than the legal limit can still be charged with a crime via the state’s “under the influence” laws. That means that you don’t necessarily have to test at a 0.08 to be charged with a DUI.

Being arrested for DUI is the beginning of two legal processes. The first of these is your criminal court proceedings where you may go before a judge and be found guilty or not guilty. The second of these is the administrative proceeding which takes place under the authority of the DMV. Your DUI attorneys in Las Vegas can help you with both processes, ensuring that you are treated equably in both jurisdictions.

The sooner you enlist the help of a criminal defense lawyer, the sooner you can put an arrest behind you. Contact DUI attorneys in Las Vegas today.