DUI Accident in Las Vegas Kills One

car-crashDUI Accident in Las Vegas Car Crash Kills One

Early Wednesday morning, a woman drove her car across Richmar Ave., hitting the curb, driving up on the sidewalk, where she struck two pedestrians. The car finally came to a stop in the southbound lanes, but not before one of the men was killed and the other was seriously injured and transported to Sunrise Hospital.

Police reported that the one man was dragged under the vehicle and declared dead at the scene. She has been charged with a DUI (484C.110) and may be charged with vehicular homicide (484C.130).

Maryland Parkway was closed for several hours as police investigated, but it could have been worse. In this direct area, there are two schools, a strip mall, and two large housing communities. The residents in this area are not unlike the residents anywhere else. They are frustrated with the high volume of traffic and the accidents that result.

The 31-year-old woman was obviously under the influence, but chances are she did not get up that day and say to herself, “I think I’ll get drunk, get in an accident and kill somebody with my car.” Nobody does, but more drivers have pulled over every year that results in a DUI (484C)or worse.

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