Drugs From Mexico Here in Las Vegas?

Mexican Drug Cartels have a Strong Presence in Vegas 

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that Mexican drug trafficking operations, or DTOs, are “the most pervasive organizational threat to the United States.” These DTOs dominate illegal drug trading in every area of the country except for the northeast. They currently operate in 195 cities across the country, to include Las Vegas.

The Federation, Tijuana Cartel and Juarez Cartel are all active not only in Vegas, but throughout the western United States as well. The Federation is also referred to as Sinaloa Cartel, Pacific Cartel, Guzman-Loera Organization and Blood Alliance. Considered to be one of the more dangerous Mexican cartels, they are also associated with money laundering and organized crime.

The Tijuana and Juarez Cartels are actually rivals. The Tijuana Cartel is based in Tijuana, which ironically is controlled by The Federation. In recent years, there has been some speculation that these two groups have reached a peace agreement. The Tijuana Cartel is known to have infiltrated law enforcement groups in that area, and is responsible for a great deal of government corruption as well.

The Juarez Cartel is largely responsible for cocaine traffic across the border between the United States and Texas. Also known as the Vincente Carrillo Fuentes Organization, they are based in Ciudad Juarez, which is just across the border from El Paso. This group regularly battles The Federation in an effort to determine which one will actually control this city.

The increase in cartel activity is another reason why our nation’s borders should be sealed. Reducing illegal immigration could reduce drug trafficking and a host of other crimes, thereby making Nevada and surrounding states much safer.

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