Drug Crimes

criminal2At the Potter Law Office, we believe that any good defense includes a sound offensive against the mechanisms of improper arrests. We work with you in a context of partnership in order to best help you understand the system that is charging you with a crime. Together, we can build your defense case based on sound principles enshrined in the legal code, which dictates to the court that you are assumed innocent.

If you are charged with a drug-related crime in Las Vegas, the first line of defense is obtaining proper representation in the courtroom. Because the legal system operates within an intricate framework, your defense attorney at the Potter Law Office can both act as a legal interpreter for you and also act on your behalf in the courtroom to obtain a favorable judgement. When we speak for your interests to the judge, we effectively translate your specific case into the dialect of law. Success often depends on the skill of your attorney.

Results in the legal system can come from several strategies. Each case is unique and will only require the invocation of every strategy relevant to the case. These are just a few strategies:

1. Evidence of wrongful arrest
2. Establish leverage and negotiate with prosecutors
3. Reduction of sentencing/dismissed charges

Our experience in Las Vegas drug cases shows that the exact procedures of the arrest are often questionable. We can and will call into question the validity of the plaintiff’s claim against you. Your legal team at the Potter Law Firm works to identify all of the irregularities, or overstepped authority, that may have led to you being charged with a drug crime.

The impact of a competent legal team cannot be underestimated. We work hard to ensure that the defense strategy employed is the one that is the most appropriate fit for your case. With an aggressive defense team on your side, together we can minimize the damages that criminal charges can cause.