Drug Charges in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Drug Charges?  We can help!

Las Vegas Drug Charges? We can help!

Drug Charges in Las Vegas

There are many reasons why someone might want to become a lawyer, but Cal Potter is an accomplished criminal defense attorney because he believes in protecting the rights of individuals. The Potter Law Firm fights together daily to properly defend their clients because it is in the best interest of the law to have equal representation. For over 30 years, Cal Potter has stood for the most difficult cases in order to uphold justice in the United States.

The Potter Law Firm is not a large office with many executives and separate attorney’s offices under one roof. For the cases that Mr. Potter takes, the focused team at his Law Firm gas the ability to focus on the needs of each individual client while giving their cases the attention that they need. This type of Law Firm works especially well for the cases Mr. Potter excels in, and also supports his exceptionally detailed legal representations before the judge. This specific research by his staff, coupled with his unique talent for presentation, provides a winning combination for Mr. Potter’s client.

Las Vegas is known for its entertainment and casinos, and all the glitz and glimmer that are associated with it, but Las Vegas is also known to have the strictest drug laws in the country. If the Las Vegas Metro Police have charged you with a drug charge, it is serious business. Common charges include DUI with drugs (NRS 458), felony drug possession (NRS 453), interstate and Federal drug charges (NRS 454), manufacturing Meth or Heroin(NRS 453) and drug trafficking (453).

Many celebrities and high profile people come to Las Vegas to unwind and let loose, and often they need legal representation, which would also include issues like added security and anonymity throughout the trial. Cal Potter is the experienced, high quality attorney that can handle these needs and to present an expert trial in their defense.