Driving Offenses in Las Vegas

Locals and tourists run into driving offenses in Las Vegas. It’s understandable. The city is busy, and with so much going on, there’s tons of traffic to contend with. It’s easy for anyone to be caught speeding, overlooking a stop sign or making an illegal turn. These may seem minor, but the overall consequences can be serious.

Even a conviction for a minor driving offense in Las Vegas can raise your insurance rates. Your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked if you don’t take care of the issue immediately.¬† A warrant may even be issued for your arrest if things get out of hand. A traffic violation can also come back to haunt you in the event of a civil lawsuit.

It may not be necessary for everyone to hire a driving offense attorney in Las Vegas over every speeding ticket. Sometimes, it’s just easier to pay the fine and move on with your life. There are circumstances where hiring a Nevada traffic ticket lawyer makes a great deal of sense. For instance, if you already have several demerit points on your driving record, then it may be sensible to hire an attorney to deal with the latest infraction. It may be possible to have the traffic infraction reduced or even tossed thanks to the efforts of your attorney.

The stakes are particularly high for someone who holds a commercial driver’s license. Whether you were given a ticket while driving your personal vehicle or a work truck, your clean driving record is something that you must preserve. Not doing so can mean that you will lose your ability to earn a living. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Las Vegas is imperative in these cases.

Drivers in Nevada may be charged with numerous non-moving or moving violations. Driving with no proof of insurance under NRS 485.185, seat belt violations under NRS 484.641 and driving without a registration under NRS 482.205 can harm your record just as much as speeding under NRS 484B.600, illegal U-turns under NRS 484B.403 and running a red light under NRS 484B.300.

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