Drag Racing Can Be an Expensive Pastime

The race , Exotic sports cars racing with motion blurNevada has a reputation as a state where people like to take chances and test their luck. One of the ways they do this is by competing in illegal speed contests or drag racing. These infractions are defined by NRS 484B.653, and violations of this law have serious consequences.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices know how tempting it is to pit the abilities of one driver against those of another, particularly when each person is driving a souped up sports car. As tempting as it is, it’s best to resist that temptation. Drag racing and speed contests are considered reckless driving under Nevada law. Even a person who merely organizes such an event may be charged under NRS 484B.653. Getting behind the wheel isn’t necessary at all.

Penalties for being convicted under NRS 484B.653 range from fines and sentences of community service to jail terms and the impounding of vehicles. Many drivers have their licenses suspended or revoked as a result of these charges.

While it isn’t always possible to get drag racing charges dismissed, the practitioners at Potter Law Offices still believe in strenuously defending the rights of each and every client. It may be possible to have the charges reduced to breaching the peace, which comes with considerably reduced penalties. There are many defense options to explore. Contact Potter Criminal Defense to learn more.