Dr Desai Murder Trial in Las Vegas

Doctor’s High Profile Murder Trial now Underway in Vegas

Jurors will soon be deciding the fate of a Vegas doctor and his assistant who are accused of numerous offenses including murder. Dr. Dipak Desai and nurse anesthetist Ronald Lakeman are facing charges that they were negligent in treating patients, causing several of them to become infected with Hepatitis C. One of them has since passed away from this disease.

The prosecution alleges that the endoscopy clinics operated by Dr. Desai reused anesthetic. The pair is also accused of overbilling insurance companies for procedures and reusing syringes and other disposable medical equipment. In all, they each face 28 different charges including criminal neglect of patients and reckless disregard of persons.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Richard Wright painted his client as an underdog who is the target of malicious prosecution. He claims that neither Dr. Desai nor his employees acted outside the standard of care required of medical practitioners, and that no one in any of the clinics had any idea they were doing anything wrong.

This case has already proved to be a complicated one, with the reading of the indictment alone lasting more than 90 minutes. Prosecutors face a tough burden of proof in this matter, with the trial expected to last for several weeks. Meanwhile, former patients have already been awarded a $500 million settlement in a civil suit related to medical malpractice.