Don’t Let an Accusation of Identity Theft Destroy Your Reputation

Hand with tweezers holding id photo over passport as if forging the travel documents

Identity theft comes in many forms and it’s often tied up with other crimes. That’s the case with John Gibson and Juan Rodriguez, two Las Vegas residents who have been arraigned on identity theft charges in addition to possession of a counterfeit U.S. Postal Service key and stolen mail.

The two men are accused of using their counterfeit keys to access mail boxes in Las Vegas and Henderson. Officials think they stole U.S. Treasury checks and fraudulently used credit cards in addition to stealing mail.

Identity theft crimes are categorized under NRS Chapter 205, which deals with crimes against property. A person accused of an identity theft crime is prosecuted in federal court with the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998. In addition to large fines, individuals convicted under the act may be looking at up to 25 years in prison.

Being accused of identity theft in Nevada is no small matter. Even if you believe the charges are the result of an innocent mistake on your part, you need to protect yourself and your interests. The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices are willing to defend you against Las Vegas identity theft charges. With their assistance the charges against you may be reduced or dropped.