Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

As it is in other states, domestic violence is considered a particularly serious offense. NRS 200.485 defines “battery domestic violence” and outlines the consequences for someone who is convicted under this law. If you have been charged in Las Vegas under NRS 200.485, then you need the assistance of an experienced Nevada domestic violence attorney.

Domestic violence charges are among the most common throughout the state of Nevada. They nearly always arise under emergency circumstances. That is, one person calls the police, alleging that they have been the victim of domestic violence. Sometimes, this is true. Other times, the accused is innocent of the crime. It’s very easy for one person to falsely accuse another of committing domestic violence. While it isn’t easy to prove otherwise, it is possible to do so with a competent Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer.

The law defines domestic violence as slapping, punching or strangling a spouse or significant other. Even throwing an object at another person or spitting on them may be charged under NRS 200.485. A first-time offender may be able to avoid jail time if they pay assessed fines, complete a sentence of community service, attend counseling and avoid any subsequent brushes with the law. This is if the offense is considered to be at the misdemeanor level. A person who commits a second offense of misdemeanor domestic violence is required by law to spend 10 days in jail.

A person who is charged for a third time for domestic violence in Las Vegas will probably be charged with a felony. This means that a sentence of up to five years in a state facility is possible. If a weapon was involved, or if the victim was strangled, then the consequences can be even more severe, sometimes equaling 15 years in prison.

There are legal defenses to domestic violence charges in Las Vegas. However, you cannot make use of them without a capable Nevada criminal defense attorney. It may be possible to have the charges against you reduced or dropped, which means that you may avoid conviction altogether. Make an appointment with a Las Vegas domestic violence defense lawyer today.