Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

A frequently asked question involves domestic violence.  In the state of Nevada, if an individual calls as a victim of domestic violence – or frequently, it’s the neighbor who makes the call from hearing arguments or there’s some type of concern about the welfare safety of their neighbor – they’ll call the police and report domestic violence.

When the police arrive, they have to make a determination who is the primary aggressor for purposes of making an arrest.  The police determine based upon their interview of both parties any signs of injury in terms of scratches, bruises, abrasions and bleeding and make a determination of who they’re going to take to jail.

So frequently, one person is going to go to jail.  Although, there is an argument that if there is no finding of any type of injuries and there merely was a verbal argument, then no one should be going to jail.  However, you have to realize on both sides, if the person who calls generally is the one who is not going to go to jail it’s going to be the other partner that’s going to jail.

So there is a concern that if in fact, you make a call for an individual or as a victim of domestic violence, that your partner is probably going to go to jail for the welfare of not only the family, but the other people in the immediate community.