Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

OverviewDomestic Violence Differs From Stranger Crimes 

Have you been charged with domestic violence? This crime includes several different types of violent crime within the home and family, such as spousal abuse and child abuse. Potter Criminal Defense Lawyers handle all domestic violence charges in the state of Nevada with dedication and experience, and in defense of the one arrested, they often find they have been wrongly accused by jealous spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends.Anger can also be misdirected when the police are called, but with when the case is investigated, the parties are able to put up a defense.Depending on the type of domestic violence, there is a variety of penalties the judge may impose on the defendant. They include the following.

• Probation
• Fines
• Restraining orders that come between you and your children.
• Incarceration
• The negative impact on the legal record of the one convicted, and this is very significant punishment because the record remains for life. When convicted, it might be difficult to find employment or housing, and anyone can use the Internet to obtain a simple background check, which shows all arrests on state background checks.

Domestic Charges Destroy the Home 

Violent abuse inside the home is different from a random burglary where the participants don’t know each other. Domestic violence is about the control that one person has over the other and they are interconnected both emotionally and physically.

The US Department of Justice reports that women make up 85 percent of domestic violence victims, and the statistics show that this crime in rising in Las Vegas. . No one wants to see a family torn apart, and our lawyers will investigate the charges and give the best possible advice for a solution.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need professional legal help.  Give us a call to ensure your rights are protected.