Disorderly Conduct Charges in Las Vegas

Disorderly Conduct

Law enforcement uses the statute on disorderly conduct when they believe that someone is causing a disturbance. The most common offenses covered by this law are fighting, public drunkenness and loitering in unauthorized areas. It is also illegal to disturb the peace with unusual or loud noises. The police normally issue a citation that includes a date and time that you must appear in court.

The unique circumstances of your case will help our team determine the most appropriate defense strategy. One option is to request that the prosecutor dismiss the charges in exchange for community service or a fine. This will enable you to avoid a trial and a potential jail sentence. If you choose to plead guilty, we can request that the court seal your records in as little as two years.

It is important that you do not ignore the citation to appear in court because the misdemeanor is punishable by fines up to $1,000 and six months in jail. Your best option is to hire a veteran Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. We will review your case and explore your options.

Our accomplished team understands what the prosecution must demonstrate to prove its case. If you are innocent of the charges, we will build a compelling case with corroborating evidence and witnesses. Our team will ask the judge to dismiss the charges at your pre-trial hearing. We will argue that the police did not have grounds to arrest and detain you.

In cases involving public fighting, we can invoke your right to defend yourself. It is important that you have a strong advocate on your side throughout the entire process.