Did You Know the Child Sex Trade is Alive and Active in Vegas?

homicideYoung Teens Kidnapped for Sex Trafficking has Hit a High in Las Vegas in 2014

Recently, Las Vegas was named as one of the top destinations in the United States for sex trafficking especially for minors. Typically, the average age for children who are sold into prostitution is 12-14 years. An incredible study revealed that right in Clark County, 30 percent of the children were sold to work in the sex trade by family members and that one-third found in Las Vegas actually were from Las Vegas. The remaining two-thirds were brought here from 40 other states to be bought and sold.

Sex trafficking differs from domestic violence where the abused choose to remain with their abuser. It is a growing business that hides in the shadows of the city. Las Vegas is one of the top four cities in the U.S. in sex trafficking, and it refers to this prostitution of minors as an epidemic.Shared Hope is talking with females of prostitution as well as the children of this trade after they have been arrested by vice from casinos and massage parlors. One victim trafficked through Las Vegas said that her captors would tell her how much to ask for and how much she had to turn in everyday. She said that if I didn’t do it, they would just kill me and my daughter.

Sex Trafficking is run for greed and where else to find temporary funds won at a rapid pace than in Las Vegas. The women and children are held by fear from their predators. The final count of children trafficked into the city last year was 157. The leaders of this city are determined to bring awareness of this crime to its citizens and to reduce this crime in our city and state.

Potter Criminal Defense has experience in dealing with individuals who have been accused of exploiting minors.  We can help those accused, but we also wanted to let citizens of our city know about this growing issue.