Deferred entry of judgment in Las Vegas

Deferred entry of judgment in Las Vegas may be possible in select cases. Obtaining a deferred entry of judgment avoids getting a conviction on your record, which can be valuable for someone who has no previous criminal convictions.

Deferred entry of judgment isn’t available in all circumstances. For adults, this alternative is frequently only available if they are accused of certain drug crimes. Juveniles typically have more opportunities for deferred entry of judgment. Their age makes the court system hopeful that they will be able to turn over a new leaf if they don’t have a conviction hanging over them.

Of course, obtaining a deferred entry of judgment isn’t the same thing as being released without any consequences. The defendant typically has many conditions that they are required to comply with. If they fail to complete these conditions, then the conviction can be entered. Accordingly, it’s incredibly important for a person who has an opportunity at a deferred entry of judgment to comply with all the judge’s terms. Doing so means that they have a new start that represents a valuable opportunity that many other people who receive convictions can only dream of having.

With a deferred entry of judgment, the defendant is required to enter a guilty plea. The court refrains from entering a judgment. Instead, several conditions are imposed on the defendant. Perhaps the most critical of these conditions is the completion of rehabilitation and educational courses. The classes are closely related to the defendant’s crime. Accordingly, the defendant may attend anger management courses or receive treatment for a drug addiction.

Someone who is given a deferred entry of judgment must not get into further trouble with the police or the courts. Any infraction could mean that the prior judgment will be entered. Similarly, if the court finds that the defendant is not benefitting from or participating in their prescribed program, then the judgment may be entered.

Receiving a deferred entry of judgment represents a rare opportunity for people who have made a mistake. Ask a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense attorney if a deferred entry of judgment is a possibility for you.