Defense for Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Blue sirens of police car during the roadblock in the cityDefense for Probation Violations

Probation violations happen every day in Nevada. That’s because of the strict guidelines that must be met at all times. A slight misunderstanding of one of these rules can land you in hot water very quickly. Fortunately, you are entitled to have legal representation at a probation violation hearing.

Probation in the state of Nevada is an attractive alternative to spending time in prison. Usually, a person receives a sentence of probation for a specified time period. This means they do not have to spend time in prison. If they do not violate the terms of probation, they may never see the inside of a cell. However, any probation violation may provide the courts with an excuse to revoke probation and send the offender to prison instead.

There may be any number of conditions placed on a probation sentence. These often include checking in regularly with a probation officer and seeking the officer’s permission before changing residences. People on probation may be prohibited from using drugs and alcohol and may be tested for substance use. Weapons may be banned, and the person on probation may be prevented from traveling out of state.

These and many other conditions are all typically imposed on people sentenced to probation. A moment’s inattention can be enough to lead a person to run afoul of these prohibitions. When that happens it’s important to contact the Potter Law Offices immediately. These Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you avoid going to prison. It’s important to act quickly in these cases, so contact the Cal Potter team today.