Defending Against Nevada RICO Act Charges

business crime concept with handcuffs and dollar

Mention RICO, and most people tend to think of their favorite mobster movie. Federal RICO laws and the Nevada RICO law were enacted to take down organized crime, but their use has spread over the years. Now all sorts of individuals and groups may be charged under the Nevada RICO laws as defined by NRS 207.350 to NRS 207.520.

Nevada’s RICO act features many stipulations and requirements. For instance, the accused parties must have engaged in at least two criminal activities that were in some way connected to racketeering. Those two crimes could be virtually anything from insurance fraud and receiving stolen goods to murder. Additionally, one of the crimes must have occurred after July 1, 1983 with the other criminal act occurring within five years of the crime related to racketeering.

Nevada RICO cases are notoriously complex. Accordingly, it’s important to hire a seasoned Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices are familiar with the Nevada RICO act, and have defended clients against these charges. Because racketeering cases tend to be very involved, it may take several months to bring the matter to a conclusion. Regardless of how long it takes, the Potter criminal defense team is prepared to provide an aggressive defense that could have RICO charges reduced or dropped.

Contact the Potter Law Offices to learn more about your options if you’ve been charged under the Nevada RICO act. There are defenses available, and the lawyers at Potter provide astute, sensible advice.