Death Penalty Defense in Las Vegas

Thirty-seven states have enacted death penalty laws. Nevada is one of these. Capital punishment is only used in highly specific circumstances. In Nevada, this means first-degree murder cases. If you are facing a murder trial, then you need to contact a death penalty defense attorney in Las Vegas.

Capital punishment, otherwise known as the death penalty, is the severest consequence that any court can impose. Because the punishment is so severe, the crime must be similarly serious. To convict someone of first-degree murder, it is necessary to prove that their actions were deliberate and premeditated. Homicides that occur during another crime like rape or kidnapping may also be categorized as murder in the first degree.

If a jury should arrive at a guilty verdict in a first-degree murder case, then the sentencing phase begins. Not everyone who is convicted of this crime will receive the death penalty. Some may be sentenced to life in prison without parole or may only become eligible for parole after serving two decades or more of their sentence. The deciding factor for whether the death sentence is appropriate is the presence or absence of an aggravating circumstance.

An aggravating circumstance could be something like an earlier felony conviction or knowingly putting other people at risk of death. Aggravating circumstances could also relate to the age of the victim, that the murder was a hate crime or an act of terrorism or that the convicted person randomly killed more than one person.

Being arrested for murder is extraordinarily serious. That’s especially true when one of the numerous aggravating circumstances is also in play. It is imperative that you find a death penalty defense attorney in Las Vegas who can help you fight these charges.

Your Nevada criminal defense attorney may be able to point out certain mitigating circumstances that might help to improve the outcome of your case. It may even be possible to prove that you weren’t responsible for the death at all. However, it’s impossible to know until you speak with an experienced death penalty lawyer.

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