Dealing with Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Probation Violations

Many first time offenders in Las Vegas receive probation when they plead guilty or no contest to criminal charges. Probation enables you to avoid incarceration. It usually involves a combination of regular meetings with a probation officer, court-imposed counseling sessions, travel restrictions and electronic monitoring. You must complete your court-ordered sanctions to fulfill the terms of your release. Failure to accomplish these orders can result in the violation of your parole. The court can impose additional conditions, extend your probation or revoke your release and send you to jail.

Contact our office if you are accused of violating your probation. In our experience, most people want to obey the orders of the court. Violations can occur because individuals have unexpected family or work responsibilities that conflict with court-imposed obligations. Our legal staff will assemble and present a compelling argument on your behalf. We can help you demonstrate your willingness and ability to comply with the terms of your probation. Although a parole violation is a serious matter, the court may be receptive if you can demonstrate your future ability to meet its orders.

Your attorney will review your probation records and evaluate your current situation. Our legal team can determine the best possible course of action. We will represent you at your probation violation hearing. The judge will review the extent of the violation and take your mitigating factors into consideration.

An experienced criminal defense attorney Las Vegas can protect your freedom and help you request a second chance.