Dealing with Felony Charges in Las Vegas

Felony Charges: Las Vegas Legal Defense

A felony charge in Las Vegas does not automatically make you guilty of the crime. However, acting as if you are guilty will not help your case at all, and too many people abdicate their own rights when they are charged with a crime. This situation gets more serious as the charges increase in severity.

While you may not have to face a lifetime of repercussions when convicted of a misdemeanor, felony convictions affect many aspects of your life for many years into the future. Fighting a felony conviction requires an aggressive legal defense strategy.

Potter Law Firm is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the due process that is guaranteed under the law. This means that every action taken against you will be scrutinized for:

• Inconsistencies, irregularities or misleading circumstances

• Any action taken by the prosecution that infringes upon your rights

• Any breach of procedure that could result in the charges being dismissed

• Your right to be properly informed

Even though Potter Law is a defense firm, our strategies are designed to ensure that every opening for obtaining leverage in your case is seized. From the initial appearance to the preliminary hearing, from the indictment procedures to the arraignment hearing, we never stop insisting that your rights are to be maintained by both the court and the prosecution. If there is an opening, we are poised to see it and act upon it to get you the best possible legal outcome.

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