Dealing with a Home that was Used for Making Meth

Is Meth a part of your Home’s History?

Those who are in the market for a new home may have more to be concerned about than the value and condition of that home-they should also be concerned about meth labs. The Department of Justice contains a registry of clandestine laboratories, and it could be worth checking out before purchasing a piece of property.

By checking this registry, potential homeowners will be able to determine if the property they are interested in has previously been used to manufacture methamphetamine. Should this be the case, the local health department can be a good source of information about any cleanup efforts that have taken place since the discovery. Citizens can also be aware of clandestine laboratories in their neighborhood, and this can help them make an informed choice as to where they would like to reside.

The registry contains information on areas where chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine were located. This information is reported voluntarily by law enforcement agencies and may not always be complete. For example, some agencies may have begun reporting statistics earlier than others, which means some locations are unaccounted for. Other times, areas that contain only a small amount of material may fail to get reported. For this reason, the Department of Justice recommends checking with Las Vegas police whenever a location seems questionable yet does not appear on the national registry.